Aaron Rodgers Turns Down Extension

In Today’s Edition Of Recycled NFL News, Aaron Rodger’s Declined Extension In May. Just In Case You Missed It.

For those out there that might have forgotten this already, Aaron Rodgers turned down a two-year extension from the Green Bay Packers. And he did so in May. So that begs the question, why is this being brought back up now? And who is behind the scenes pulling the Adam Schefter strings?

Message Clearly “Not” Received

It would seem as though members of the Packers front office missed the memo regarding Rodgers disappointment and disinterest in the franchise. It’s almost as if the team thinks negotiations are active, when it’s painfully obvious that Rodgers is done in Green Bay.

Packers Front Office = Puppet Masters?

Perhaps today’s sad attempt at “breaking news” was somehow orchestrated behind the scenes by the Green Bay Packers organization in an attempt to swing the PR battle in their favor.

As if that’s somehow going to be possible, despite being on the side of getting rid of a fan favorite and MVP level talent. Not to mention the fact that he plays the most difficult and demanding position in the sport. Plus he’s like you know, one of the best to ever do it. Good luck getting rid of that guy while also remaining free from any fanbase backlash.

Will Rodgers Play Football This Year?

Short answer, Yes. Obviously I have no real way to be certain, but my best guess would be yes. Retirement doesn’t make much sense given the level of play Rodgers was able to achieve last year.

It seems more likely that Rodgers will be looking to eventually leave Green Bay and find a situation similar to that of what Tom Brady found on Tampa. A team more than willing to commit to “going all in” to win a championship by surrounding the star QB with weapons.

If Not Green Bay, Where Could He Play? And When?

Some are quick to call out the fact that Rodgers is under contract with the Packers through the 2023 season. This leads many to believe that Rodgers has no options, and will likely close out his career in Green Bay. A quick check beyond the surface level stories reveals things are not always as they seem.

Don’t Overlook the Potential Out in 2022

That’s right, you read that correctly. Seems quite surprising, and perhaps like something you’d think you would’ve heard mentioned by now. Though that is not the case, because the primary NFL sources of information are too busy recycling old news.

In Fact, Maybe It Is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, The Cap Hit To Be More Specific

It’s incredibly easy and obvious to understand why the Packers have not traded Aaron Rodgers, and why they won’t. At least during the 2021 league year. They have over $38 million reasons not to. With that high of a dead-cap number, they would essentially be scrapping the season in order to get rid of the league MVP. Not the best look.

The dead-cap number drops by 55% to $17 million in 2022, which is a much more manageable figure. That drop in penalty combined with Rodgers own disinterest in remaining with the Packers will lead to his exit at some point during the 2022 NFL League year.

So if you’re someone that is ready to see Rodgers in another uniform, just relax and look forward to having that for next season. In the mean time, enjoy his final farewell tour of a season in 2021.

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