Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers

This matchup features two of the top NFC teams, and should be a very entertaining game. Both teams have offensive advantages over the opposing defense, meaning this is likely to result in a high scoring shootout to the end.

Offense vs Defense1.210.26LAR
QB Comparison-0.040.04GB
RB Comparison-0.190.19GB
O-Line vs D-Line RUN0.120.13GB
O-Line vs D-Line PASS0.96-0.46LAR
WR vs Pass Defense0.280.14LAR
TE vs Pass Defense0.840.60LAR
Special Teams0.69-0.69LAR
LAR win by 3.663.880.22LAR

QB Comparison

This game features two of the NFL’s top quarterbacks in the Rams Matthew Stafford and Packers Aaron Rodgers. Stafford currently ranks number 1 overall in QBR, with Rodgers ranked 4th. In other words, the QB matchup is pretty much a wash when it comes to either team having an edge.

RB Comparison

When comparing production at the running back position, the edge goes to the Green Bay Packers. That being said, Packers starter Aaron Jones is listed as questionable and is expected to be a game time decision. If he is unable to play, then the Rams have an edge in the RB comparison.

O-Line vs D-Line


Both the Rams and the Packers offensive lines will have an equal advantage over the opposing defensive lines when it comes to running the ball. Therefore each team should be able to turn to the run with realistic expectations of finding success.


Unlike in the run game, one team has a distinct advantage when it comes to pass protection versus the opposing pass rush. The Rams have the leagues 3rd ranked pass protection going up against the Packers 17th ranked pass rush.

On the flip side, Green Bay’s 11th ranked pass protection will be facing off against the Rams 11th ranked pass rush that features Aaron Donald. Ultimately this means that Stafford is likely to have much more time in the pocket than Rodgers.

Receivers vs Pass Defense

Pass defense is yet another area in which these teams are very similar, as the Rams have the 10th ranked pass defense compared to the Packers at 12th overall. Despite these above average rankings, both teams have a collection of offensive weapons giving both offenses an advantage in this area.

Special Teams Comparison

Both teams are similar in this area as well, though neither is necessarily great. The Rams special teams is ranked 26th overall, compared to the Packers 29th ranked special teams. It will be interesting to see which team is able to find success in this area on Sunday. Whichever team executes better in the kicking game is likely to come away with the victory.

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