Julio Jones Says He is Out of Atlanta

Speculation meets reality as Julio Jones declares: “I’m outta there” when asked about his status with the Atlanta Falcons. Julio has made it very clear how he feels, so now what?

Winning Matters

Winning was mentioned as a main priority, so Dallas Cowboy fans need to relax and realize winning is not what they do best. The Cowboys have never suffered from a lack of talent on the roster, yet winning consistently eludes them. Not a great fit.

Betting Lines Say New England

The New England Patriots have also been heavily rumored to have interest in acquiring the star wideout. The lines have moved, which means they know something, a large amount of money has been bet, or a combination of the two.

Is Julio Jones Enough for Aaron Rodgers to Stay in Green Bay?

Perhaps the Green Bay Packers make a move in an attempt to make amends with seemingly disgruntled quarterback Aaron Rodgers? Is it potentially too little too late at this point? Time will tell. What if these two all time greats talk and decide to join forces on a new team?

There is no shortage of teams that would love to have Julio Jones, but who will actually do what it takes to make a trade happen?

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