NBA Gives Metaphorical Middle Finger to Chris Paul, Announcing Scott Foster Will Ref in Game 6 Tonight

In case you missed it, Chris Paul is definitely not a card-holding member of the Scott Foster Fan Club. In Fact, Chris Paul is 0-12 in NBA Playoffs during games in which Foster has officiated. Whether you think Foster harbors any sort of hate for Paul or not, 0-12 is tough to dismiss as a mere coincidence.

As If Chris Paul Didn’t Have Enough To Think About

I’m sure that this news of Scott Foster being named an official for Game 6 has Paul shaking his head wondering why tonight of all nights? With the chance of falling to 0-13 in NBA playoff games involving Scott Foster. While also becoming the first player to ever blow FOUR 0-2 leads in 7-game series in the playoffs. Both of which are records no one would ever want to be associated with.

Shoutout to This Epic Image by Clutch Points Twitter

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