Tom Brady Hits Twitter To End Premature Retirement

As soon as the NCAA Tournament bracket was officially set, the NFL’s GOAT took to Twitter to let the world know he is officially coming back for another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Unfinished Business

In the tweet, Brady references ‘unfinished business’ as his reason for returning, but the real answer becomes clear once you read between the lines and break down what he said.

Basically, at the time of announcing his retirement Brady felt he was done. Didn’t think he had the drive and determination required to dedicate himself to the grind of another season in the NFL.

Then after spending some extended time with his family and away from football, Brady quickly realized his mistake. I can’t even pretend that this took as long as it did for him to finally announce.

Probably by day two of doing nothing Brady was likely looking around and asking himself: “so now what?”. Going from being someone fully dedicated to a mission and daily grind to someone with a ton of free time is not an easy transition.

Perhaps Tom gave it his all, but after repeatedly dominating his kids in Candy Land and Monopoly, he found himself still yearning to scratch that competitive itch. Thus ending a retirement that never felt all that real anyway.

Good News, or Bad News?

I’m personally torn on the entire situation. On one hand I’m happy to have him back and I look forward to being able to keep watching him do his thing. On the other hand, the road to a Super Bowl just got even harder than it was otherwise for 31 of the NFL franchises.

Time For A Retirement Tour?

This is something that has become popular in recent years, where a star athlete makes it known that they are playing their final season. This allows both fans and contemporaries the ability to express appreciation throughout the final season.

Derek Jeter made this sort of “retirement tour” a popular concept when he closed out his career in this manner. Kobe Bryant is another example of someone that let the world know in advance that it was his final run. And we are currently in the midst of the Coach K retirement tour.

Now that NFL fans everywhere got a taste of life without Brady, what will be the reaction to his return? Many claimed to have added respect for Tom when he retired so casually, and without fanfare. Now that he’s back, does this mean a Tom Brady retirement tour is now in the works?

Welcome Back Tom, We Missed You!

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