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Tom Brady Breaks the Bank, Signs $375M Deal with Fox

Despite signing this massive deal to call games on Fox once he retires, Tom Brady is still chasing his Super Bowl dreams with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that is what separates Brady from the crowd.

In all seriousness, Brady knows he is the absolute GOAT already and has nothing left to prove on the field. Yet he continues to have the endless drive and hunger for competition. The spirit of competition is the ultimate motivator and I for one love to see someone so incredibly passionate and dedicated to their craft.

As announced today, Brady is set to join Fox in the broadcast booth once he does decide to officially retire for good, and many are eager to hear his thoughts during games. While I’m sure he will do just fine in the booth, I’m still more interested in seeing how long he can continue to dominate on the field.

It really is amazing when you consider at any given time there are only 10-12 legitimate starting QBs that could be considered “franchise” caliber players. The other 20 teams are stuck searching the the next guy that could help lead the organization to championship contention. And more often than not these teams strike out repeatedly.

Then there is Tom Brady, who last season at age 44 years old, continued to perform as a top 5 overall quarterback. So many new QBs have come and gone in the league during Tom’s tenure, yet none can compare.

Let’s all just appreciate the incredible amount of greatness we’ve gotten to witness in Brady’s career. Congrats on the big payday, but why not get another ring or two first?

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