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Tom Brady and Bucs Get Best of Dak and Cowboys in an Incredible Season Opener

This game had it all. Plenty of points, shout-out to #TheOversClub hitting before the 4th quarter. Brady and Prescott combined for nearly 800 passing yards and 7 touchdowns. Antonio Brown proves he is still an elite receiver. The Brady to Gronk connection lives on, and Tom does what Tom does to get the win.

Tom Being Tom

Tom Brady was nothing short of spectacular in the season opener against the Cowboys. Yes, he did have multiple interceptions, so it was not a perfect night by any means. That being said, 379 yards and 4 TDs is impressive enough as is. Forget the fact that Brady is doing this at the “advanced” age of 44.

Ryan Succop Game Winning Kick

For many years, the kicker position haunted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise. Tonight provided the perfect example of why a reliable kicker is a necessity for success in the NFL.

Antonio Brown

One of the most elite & dominate route runners in the league re-established himself as such in this game. That man is Antonio Brown, from BOOMIN’ University!

Boomin’ Indeed

It was very clear from the start that Brown came to play, as he got things going early. This route is absolutely absurd as he makes the defender look silly.


Chris Godwin

Costly Fumble

With the Buccaneers driving and about to score a go-ahead touchdown with just under five minutes remaining, Chris Godwin was fighting for every yard and fumbled the ball inside the five yard line.

Redemption or Offensive Pass Interference?

Following the fumble, Godwin was presented with an opportunity to redeem himself during the Buccaneers game winning drive. Many speculated that this was a push off and should have been called offensive pass interference. Chris Collinsworth took an opportunity to point out that the defender in that situation is off balance and not much contact would be required to knock him back like that. In the end, you can be the judge and form your own opinion.

Brady to Gronk 100th Touchdown

These two have been doing this for a long time, and it never gets old to see.

Dak Prescott Proves Himself

Not that he had to prove anything to anyone, Prescott went ahead and put everyone on notice that he is in fact one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Dak finished with 403 yards and 3 TDs with one interception. He was confident and in control throughout the game, as the Cowboys went punch for punch with the Buccaneers down to the wire.

Did Ezekiel Elliot Even Play?

I can confirm, Zeke did in fact play in the game. And despite the multiple camera shots of him on the sideline during Cowboys’ offensive plays, he was the featured back for the team as he received over 60% of the total carries. In total Elliott had 11 carries, but only managed to compile a total of 33 yards rushing and never really got into a good rhythm.

Tough Day For Greg The Leg

Dallas Cowboys veteran kicker Greg “The Leg” Zeurlein had a tough day at the office, missing 2 Field Goals and and Extra Point. While one of the missed Field Goals was a deep 60-yard attempt near the end of the first half, the other was a very make-able 30 yarder.

Made The One That Mattered Most

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