Duke Blows Another Chance At Memorable Win For Coach K

On back to back a Saturdays the Duke men’s basketball team failed to deliver on what would have been huge historic wins and memorable milestones to close out Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s final season.

With those missed opportunities already gone, the NCAA Tournament is the last chance for this Blue Devils team to add to Coach K’s already impressive resume.

Would it have been nice to beat North Carolina in the final regular season matchup? Absolutely. And or course being ACC tournament champions would have been a nice accomplishment. Instead, UNC gets to have a good laugh at Duke’s expense.

But none of that matters if Duke manages to go on a deep run in the tournament, and this team has the potential to do just that. Maybe. Or they may just lose unexpectedly early. Neither outcome would come as a surprise.

Duke is likely to earn a two or three seed in the tournament, given the fact that they are currently ranked 7th overall in the country and played well in their conference tournament despite losing in the championship game against Virginia Tech. Though many hope the losing continues for the Blue Devils.

Matchups matter in March and with today being Selection Sunday, it won’t be long before the bracket becomes official and the path to a potential championship will become clear. Or perhaps the potential path to utter embarrassment is a more appropriate name, time will tell which rings more true.

Can They Complete the Trifecta?

As previously mentioned, this Duke team has blown back to back opportunities to secure memorable wins. Is a first round tournament exit too much to ask for at this point?

It seems that I’m not the only one that would find this to be an entertaining “icing on the cake” outcome to conclude The Coach K era.

Of Course, There’s Always The Stans

Regardless of the situation, there will always be the “Stans” that remain loyal and positive. Take JJ Redick for example, who remains proud of this team despite repeated failures in major moments. Because being realistic or critical is apparently not an option for Duke alumni.

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