Cleveland Browns Acquire Amari Cooper as Cowboys Crumble

This is a deal that featured the Cleveland Browns taking advantage of the Cowboys cap situation, as they absolutely fleeced Dallas in the trade. The Cowboys are officially feeling the effects of the Ezekiel Elliott contract.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Browns will send their 2022 fifth and sixth round picks to Dallas in exchange for Amari Cooper and the Cowboys sixth round pick.

An absolute steal for Cleveland, as the Browns are getting one of the better receivers in the NFL at a very minimal cost in terms of trade compensation. Cooper does come with a high cap number, but the Browns have enough space to make it work.

With the wide receiver market drying up fast, it is great to see the Browns make a move addressing a well known need following the departure of Odell Beckham Jr.

Keep Feeding Zeke $$$

This trade is a direct result of the Ezekiel Elliott deal that was signed a few years ago. And I must admit I agree with Warren Sharp, watching this situation bite the Cowboys in the ass is indeed quite glorious to watch.

A Different Perspective

Pro Football Talk raised an interesting point, bringing attention to the fact that in order to obtain Amari Cooper the Cowboys traded away a first round pick. That pick could have been used on a wide receiver of similar skills and talent, but at a much lower price point. And in the end, had they done so then they would not be in the position of being forced to part ways with one of their more talented players.

In other words, the Cowboys Cooper experiment was expensive but yielded little to no on-field impact over the alternatives that were available.

In the end, the Cleveland Browns are the big winners for now as they were able to address a top need with a top talent at the position, which is a rare win-win scenario.

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