Calvin Ridley Bet $1500, Lost Millions

In his own defense, Ridley took to Twitter to let the world know he only bet $1500 so he clearly does not have a gambling problem. Except that he lost out on millions by getting suspended.

Not exactly the best excuse, considering the rules are pretty straight forward. Not much room for interpretation. But the attempted justification didn’t stop there…

I mean come on Goodell cut the guy some slack, he couldn’t even watch football at that point so of course he should be allowed to bet on it? The list goes on…

No longer trying to excuse the behavior but instead complaining about the severity of the punishment. And no, he didn’t stop there…

The classic character defense. Clearly failing to understand that actions determine character. I don’t know Calvin Ridley at all, but I do know enough to know he was willing to risk millions in order to wager $1500, which does not reflect great character nor integrity.

As Always, The Internet Wins

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