Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders Is Internet Perfection

The fact that Carson Wentz ended up being traded to the Washington Commanders sets up perfectly for a season full of memorable moments both on the field, and on the Internet.

There’s one die hard Washington fan out there that I’m confident will provide some of the best Carson Wentz content that’s ever been assembled. Host of Barstool’s Pardon My Take, PFTCommenter is not new to the Carson Wentz content game.

However, it will be interesting to see how PFTCommenter adjusts now that he’ll be rooting for Wentz to be successful. I’m hopeful that if/whenever Wentz puts up another stat line like the one below, PFTCommenter will be the leading the charge of comedic bashing.

One of the more infamous Carson Wentz moments occurred when Wentz managed to sprain both his ankles simultaneously. This was met with much intrigue, and plenty of viral jokes and parodies such as the one shared below:

In the case of Carson Wentz versus the Internet, it’s honestly an unfair fight. Plus it definitely doesn’t help that he continues to run into situations that just so happened to be incredibly easy to call out and poke fun at.

Regardless of what happens in Washington this season, be sure to have your popcorn ready. Sit back, relax and enjoy the endless stream of what is sure to be superb Carson Wentz content coming from PFTCommenter.

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