Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots

The Titans enter this game in first place of the AFC South with an 8-3 record, and New England currently shares a 7-4 record with AFC East rival Buffalo. Despite their records being close, the results of the statistical analysis indicate this will be a double digit victory for the Patriots.

Offense vs Defense-1.800.17NE
QB Comparison-0.540.54NE
RB Comparison-0.540.54NE
O-Line vs D-Line RUN-0.220.00NE
O-Line vs D-Line PASS-2.21-0.61NE
WR vs Pass Defense-0.551.28NE
TE vs Pass Defense-2.09-0.32NE
Special Teams-0.690.69NE
NE win by 10.93-8.642.29NE

QB Comparison

Both Ryan Tannehill and Mac Jones have played well so far this season, each doing enough to be considered a net positive when it comes to impact on the team. With all things considered, New England Patriots rookie Mac Jones has an edge in the matchup.

RB Comparison

This would clearly be a no-brainer if Henry was healthy, but with arguably the leagues best running back sidelined the edge in this game goes to the Patriots backfield.

O-Line vs D-Line


When it comes to run blocking neither team has a statistically significant advantage over the opposing defensive line. That being said the Patriots will likely have better success moving the ball on the ground, though both teams will struggle to establish consistent success in this area.


The Titans have struggled to slow down opposing pass rushers as they rank 28th overall in pass protection. That combined with the fact that New England has the 4th ranked pass rush means that it is very likely to be a long day for Ryan Tannehill and the Titans offense.

Receivers vs Pass Defense

Both the Titans and the Patriots are above average when it comes to defending against the pass. Tennessee has the 13th ranked pass defense, but New England has the advantage as they currently have the 2nd best pass defense.

Special Teams Comparison

Bill Belicheck is known for his love of special teams, as evidenced by the time he gave a ten plus minute answer when asked a question about the team’s long snapper. Coach Belicheck understands the important role and impact that special teams has on determining the outcome of the game. So it comes as no surprise to learn that New England has a somewhat significant advantage in this area against Tennessee.

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