New York Jets vs Houston Texans

With both teams sitting at 2-8 it seems safe to say that neither team has lived up to expectations. The Zach Wilson era is set to resume for the Jets, and the Texans have Tyrod Taylor starting at quarterback. Get set for some sloppy play, and an outcome that will remain undecided until the very end.

Offense vs Defense-0.720.04HOU
QB Comparison0.21-0.21NYJ
RB Comparison0.41-0.41NYJ
O-Line vs D-Line RUN0.01-1.15NYJ
O-Line vs D-Line PASS-0.180.27HOU
WR vs Pass Defense-0.25-0.12HOU
TE vs Pass Defense0.290.20NYJ
Special Teams0.41-0.41NYJ
NYJ win by 1.980.18-1.80NYJ

QB Comparison

As mentioned, Zach Wilson is scheduled to return as the Jets starter this week. Coming off an injury it will be interesting to see how he performs. On the other side Taylor gets the start, meaning the Texans will consistently take any underneath opportunities they are given and likely will not have many turnovers due to Taylor.

RB Comparison

Neither team is necessarily strong at the running back position, though the Jets have been able to get more production from the position than the Texans. That trend is likely to continue in this matchup.

O-Line vs D-Line


The Jets are slightly better at both run blocking and stopping the run compared to the Houston Texans. Therefore the Jets should be able to dictate things via the run game throughout this matchup.


As expected, neither team ranks very well in pass protection with the Jets ranked 21st and the Texans at 25th overall. From a defensive perspective the Texans are much better at generating a pass rush than the Jets are. Therefore the Texans should be able to pressure Wilson and potentially force him into making a mistake or two turning the ball over.

Receivers vs Pass Defense

Both the Texans and the Jets struggle to slow down opposing tight ends in the passing game, so both offenses should be looking to leverage that opportunity. Both defensive secondaries are superior to the offensive firepower at the skill positions.

Special Teams Comparison

The kicking game is yet another area that the New York Jets have an advantage in this game. I expect the special teams edge to ultimately make the difference in deciding the outcome of this game.

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