Amid Lengthy Silence, Deshaun Watson Quietly Reports to Camp

In doing so, Watson is saving himself approximately $50K/per day. So yeah, it makes sense that he would show up even despite his very outspoken and ongoing desire to be traded.

Silence From All Sides, As Expected

Ever since news initially broke regarding the accusations and potential legal issues facing the Houston Texans starting quarterback, the franchise has been very tight lipped and strategic in avoiding any questions related to the Deshaun Watson situation.

Watson himself has said nothing publicly beyond denying all allegations against him. And the league itself has yet to comment on the situation, or potential punishment that awaits. As we have all learned before, Roger Gooddell has free reign to determine punishments at his own discretion.

What Happens Next Will Be Quite Interesting

Given the high likelihood for lengthy legal battles facing Watson, I’m curious to see how the NFL handles this whole situation. Ignoring any and all thoughts or emotions on the specifics, innocent until proven guilty is the American way. Therefore based on that logic, he should be allowed to play until he has been formally charged with a crime.

Potential Public Pressure

That being said, the NFL has a history of caving in to public pressure whenever the outside noise reaches a certain level of loud. So I expect the league to quickly adjust any actions they do eventually take, purely based on public perception of the punishment.

IMAGE CREDIT: “Deshaun Watson” by KA Sports Photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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