Phil Mickelson Says Detroit Stinks, He Won’t Be Back

The Detroit News is to blame for Mickelson’s metaphorical middle finger to the city, following their incredibly terrible decision making during the week of the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Detroit News Seems Desperate

The Detroit News decided that the week of the Rocket Mortgage Classic would be an ideal time to throw some shade at Phil Mickelson. The media outlet ran a report detailing a gambling debt of $500K owed to Mickelson by a Detroit-based bookmaker that never paid up.

The report referenced federal court documents from 2007, and the bet itself occurred over 20 years ago. So why now? Because Phil is in town for a tournament?

Running a story like they did and when they did definitely makes The Detroit News seem about as desperate as one might expect given the current state of the newspaper industry.

Honestly, Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

At some point in a company meeting, someone pitched the idea for this article. In addition, there must have been some level of support as the story made it all the way to print. So I wonder, who thought this was a good idea? What is there to be gained by digging up ancient dirt in an attempt to shine a negative light on one of the most popular golfers in the sport? Just dumb. So dumb.

Detroit Free Press Really Wishes Phil Would Reconsider

But the trick is that you have to really want to know why in order to find out. What I mean is that the contents of the article linked in the tweet below is located behind a paywall. In other words, if you want to read about why the Detroit Free Press thinks Phil should reconsider his stance, you must pay them money first. Thanks, but no thanks.

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