Dallas Cowboys Chosen For Hard Knocks, Ensures No Real Super Bowl Plans

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that likely deals with more distractions than any other team, and this upcoming season will be no different as it has been announced that HBO’s Hard Knocks will feature “America’s” team. This adds yet another distraction to an already lengthy list.

Vegas Oddsmakers Agree, View Cowboys As 9 Win Team At Best

One thing is certain, and that’s the fact that Vegas Oddsmakers are very good at what they do. This is very evident in how accurately they are able to project season win totals for NFL teams, and this year they see the Cowboys as a 9 win team. Which is even worse than previous years considering the NFL has added a game to the schedule for the upcoming season.

Winning At Branding, But Not Football

The Dallas Cowboys are a marketing machine thanks in large part to the genius and business acumen of owner Jerry Jones. However it does appear that success on the filed in the NFL requires a level of focus which is difficult to achieve and maintain while constantly being under the media’s microscope. The added attention definitely generates additional revenue, which is great for business. But at what cost to winning?

Do not forget the fact that this is the 3RD time the team will be featured on Hard Knocks.

Anything To Remain Relevant, Despite Sucking At Football

The Cowboys continue to do anything they can to remain relevant, despite an incredible lack of success in recent history.

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