Chris Paul Scorches Clippers for 41 Points, Shooting 7 of 8 From Deep

In a game with a trip to the NBA Finals on the line for the Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul rose to the occasion and delivered a stellar performance while leading the Suns to victory. Paul finished with 41 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds. More impressive than anything else was his efficiency, shooting 66% on 2-point field goals and 87% on 3-point attempts.

Finally Getting the Respect He Deserves

I really hope that the Phoenix Suns are able to finish the job and win an NBA title so Chris Paul haters can no longer point to that as a reason to diminish his greatness. Chris Paul is an all-time great point guard, and that is nothing new. That didn’t just happen recently in Phoenix. He’s been elite everywhere he has played in the NBA, and winning a title with Phoenix would only emphasize just how great he really is.

Might Be An Old Man, But Still Getting It Done

Tom Brady is typically the go-to reference when it comes to an athlete seeming to defy the odds in the never-ending battle with Father Time. Perhaps after last night Chris Paul will begin to get some love when it comes to an older athlete continuing to perform at an elite level despite their age.

More To Do, More To Come

Winning the Western Conference Finals is indeed a great achievement, but the Phoenix Suns are well aware how short lived that enjoyment will be if they fail to complete the journey and bring home a championship. Time to #RallyTheValley and bring an NBA Championship to Phoenix!

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