Dennis Schroder Tells Lakers He Wants At Least $100 Million To Stay

Leverage is a funny thing, and when there are millions of dollars at stake it comes as no surprise that Dennis Schroder has decided to use every bit of leverage he has during his contract negotiations with the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether he actually has any real leverage is up for debate, but he definitely seems to believe he does.

Does He Actually Have Leverage?

While many will be quick to say “no way” or “absolutely not” but lets consider the fact that he was clearly the Lakers 3rd best player. It’s easy to point out the flaws in Schroder’s game, or highlight specific forgettable performances like scoring 0 points in a playoff game this year. Those are all facts, but so is the fact the he is the Lakers 3rd best option, and thats not always so easy to find or replace.

Twitter Never Disappoints in Situations Like This

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