Aaron Rodgers Issues May Have Ripple Effect on Green Bay Packers

As if the potential of losing Aaron Rodgers isn’t bad enough, it now seems as though All-Pro Receiver Davante Adams may have to “do some extra thinking” if his guy Rodgers is gone.

Adams currently has one year remaining on his deal, and seems to be eluding to the fact the he may consider signing elsewhere as a result of the Rodgers fallout. Adams then tweeted: “Gotta appreciate what ya got while ya got it!”

Is this in reference to Rodgers, himself, or both? Regardless of what or who he is referring to, it’s clear that by alienating Rodgers the Packers may unintentionally harm their organizational reputation amongst other players in the league. “If this is how they treat one of the all time greats, imagine how they’ll treat me” is likely a thought going through the minds of many players, including Adams.

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