Aaron Rodgers Deserves Better Than This

When it comes to making Hall of Fame quarterbacks feel unwanted and under-appreciated, the Green Bay Packers are clearly experts. Aaron Rodgers is just the latest to suffer this sad fate, and it seems so incredibly ridiculous.

To think, any given year there seems to be 20-28 teams considering an upgrade at the position, desperately hoping to have even half the production of Rodgers. Yet the two-time and reigning NFL MVP finds himself playing for an organization that seems comfortable and almost encouraging in regard to Rodgers no longer being the centerpiece of their franchise.

Now it seems fair to mention that this is all still third party information to this point, as Rodgers himself has not publicly stated his desires. However, he has not necessarily denied the rumors either. That combined with the Packers doing seemingly nothing in terms of contract extension or guaranteed money, Packer’s fans are right to worry.

Though when Rodgers does exit Green Bay, fans should point to their own team management when wondering how something so stupid could be allowed to happen. How a generational talent has been literally forced out of town by the team he has consistently carried far beyond reasonable expectation. It’s not hard to see why Rodgers is ready for his well deserved respect. As he so poetically put it:

“Down Years for Me Are Career Years for Most QBs”

Aaron Rodgers on The Pat Mcafee Show

The thing is, HE’S NOT WRONG!

<=62% Comp6 seasons2 seasons2 seasons4 seasons
>=2.5% INT%8 seasons10 seasons8 seasons3 seasons
<=4.2% TD%3 seasons0 seasons2 seasons1 season


To elaborate on what the table above is stating, Aaron Rodgers is better than great.

  • Has never completed less than 62% of his passes in a season
  • Has never had an interception rate greater than 2.5% (INTs/Pass Attempts)
  • Has never had a touchdown rate less than 4.2% (TDs/Pass Attempts)

As you can see in the table, even the greatest quarterbacks of all time have had much lower ‘lows’ than Aaron Rodger’s. The INT% is where Rodger’s really separates himself from the crowd. His worst year of INT% was still better than 10 of Peyton Manning’s season totals for INT%.

So why don’t the Packers care to keep him?

Your guess is a good as mine. Quality QBs are rare to find, and elite top level QBs are nearly non-existent whatsoever. Yet the Packers seem confident they’ll remain relevant without Rodgers, though I see it playing out closer to either time LeBron left Cleveland. Unless the Packers land the ‘Luck’ of the next draft, pun intended, then they seem poised for plenty of failure in the coming years.

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