Hey Fox, It’s Time to Replace Terry Bradshaw

After multiple mistakes and less than ideal comments after some of the NFL’s biggest games, it’s time for Fox to consider moving on from Terry Bradshaw.

NFC Championship

Immediately after the Philadelphia Eagles became NFC Champions, Terry Bradshaw absolutely ruined what could have and should have a been a wonderful celebration for the city and team.

Instead Bradshaw forces Jalen Hurts to break into the ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ song. Sure, certainly not the worst thing anyone has ever done. And perhaps Jalen would have done so on his own eventually. However to force it on home like that felt incredibly cringey and weird in the moment.

Super Bowl LVII

There was some noise across the sports media landscape regarding the strangeness of the moment with Bradshaw during the NFC Championship celebration, but most shrugged it off as odd but moved on.

Fast forward a few weeks and Terry Bradshaw struck again. This time it was when Bradshaw told Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid to “waddle on over” to be interviewed during the celebration. Luckily for Terry, Reid is very easy going and didn’t put him on blast for his stupid comment.

Again, nothing he did on its own seems outlandish enough to deem any necessary action. However, considering these were two major and memorable moments that occurred following two of the biggest games of the NFL season, it seems obvious Fox should consider moving on from Bradshaw.

The Fox network will have the Super Bowl again next season, and I for one am certainly hopeful that Terry Bradshaw won’t be there to ruin any more major moments in NFL history. Bradshaw had a great playing career, and a solid post-playing career in the media. But all good things come to an end, and its time for Fox to make some changes. Even if Terry remains involved, please just get someone else to do the post-game celebration interviews.

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