Jim Harbaugh Rejected by NFL, But Still Beloved By Michigan

Jim Harbaugh let Michigan know he plans to return to the school and is dedicated to the job moving forward, despite meeting with the Minnesota Vikings about their head coaching position on College Football national signing day.

Unrealistic Expectations

It seems as though Jim Harbaugh went into his interview with the Vikings with no real plan or preparation, just assuming that he already had the job due to his friendship with Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, the team’s General Manager. On the other hand, the Vikings approached this as they would any other initial coaching interview.

Imagine the amount of embarrassment on Kwesi’s face upon realizing Harbaugh was unprepared and treating the interview as more of a formality than an actual interview.

The Offer That Never Came

As mentioned previously, Jim Harbaugh called Michigan to inform them he would like to return as head coach as long as they wanted him back. But in reality, is this truly what he wanted? Or is it a result of the fact that the Minnesota Vikings never offered him the job?

Regardless, Michigan is reported to be “elated” with Harbaugh’s decision to remain the Wolverines head coach moving forward.

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