Jaguars Want Leftwich, but May Blow It Over Baalke

In perhaps the most “Jaguars” move since the Urban Meyer hire, Shad Khan and the Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be on the brink of blowing their chances at hiring Byron Leftwich to be their next head coach, and all because Khan wants to keep Baalke?

Why Keep Baalke?

While the GM position in the NFL has many roles and responsibilities that extend beyond what the public is privy to, when it comes to being in charge of putting the roster together I’m not sure what Baalke has accomplished that warrants his services being retained.

As soon as the Jaguars announced that Baalke would be remaining in place as the teams GM, many began speculating that this could have a detrimental impact on the head coaching search given Baalke’s reputation of being difficult to work with.

So it comes as no surprise that this exact scenario has manifested itself into a reality, as Byron Leftwich wants absolutely no part of tying his head coaching future to a team controlled by Trent Baalke.

Urban Meyer Hangover?

Perhaps the sting of the Urban Meyer debacle has yet to wear off, thus making Khan overly cautious of bringing in Byron and giving him too much decision making power from the start.

It’s understandable that Khan might be a bit hesitant to do such a thing again given how the last scenario played out, but if Byron Leftwich is “the guy” then just make the move.

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