The Big 12 on Life Support.. Part 2, Big Ten and the Implications on Collegiate Athletics

If the Big 12 does dissolve as a result of Oklahoma and Texas going to the South Eastern Conference, I would like to see the Big Ten follow course. Schools such as Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa State, and Kansas State would be excellent acquisitions for the conference.

Geographically, each school’s state borders a Big Ten school’s state, or resides within the state (Iowa) of a current member of the conference. Rivalries will be renewed between Nebraska and the would be, newly acquired programs. Also gives more implications on the Cy-Hawk rivalry.

I believe that this is the direction that the NCAA should look to go, especially if they are looking to expand the football playoffs. Get rid of the early season, cupcake games. Emphasis on the teams body of work, instead of just the conference champion, with the much more difficult schedules.

The Big Ten has really been the powerhouse in Mens Basketball. Adding the Jayhawks, Mountaineers, Cyclones, and Wildcats makes for conference tournaments that could be nearly as popular, as the big dance. Would be a great avenue to generate even more revenue for the schools and television networks.

Parting thoughts..

In all likelihood, WVU would follow the path of Pitt and Syracuse, and join the ACC. Or whatever becomes the super conference from the ACC, Big East, and AAC. Do I smell a part 3? We’ll approach that if there is a seismic shake up.

IMAGE CREDIT: This work, “UT and OU”, is a derivative of “Texas Longhorns vs Florida Atlantic University” by jrandallc licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 and “RUF/NEKS & the Sooner Schooner” by Majdan licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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