Lakers Land Russell Westbrook, Securing Much Needed Additional Scoring and Playmaking Abilities

Going into NBA Draft night, it’s common to anticipate and speculate about all sorts of potential moves that could be made throughout the night. And then things like the Lakers acquiring Russell Westbrook happen, and jaws immediately hit the floor.

New Big 3 in Los Angeles

Like it or not, the Los Angeles Lakers are once again the betting favorites to win the Western Conference thanks to the addition of the “walking triple-double” more formally known as Russell Westbrook. An addition that should strike fear in the hearts of every other team on the league.

As if the Lakers didn’t already have enough of a talent advantage with the combination of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they now have Westbrook as well. And despite what his many haters may say, Westbrook is still an elite level talent in the NBA.

Walking Triple Double

Russell Westbrook is so good and consistent that he has literally made the triple-double boring. And it’s not his fault, he just makes it look so easy and does it so often that the entire accomplishment has lost its luster. Just think about that.

If you’re old enough to remember the NBA prior to Westbrook’s triple-double run, then you remember a time not so long ago when triple-doubles were used as a measure of ones eliteness and talent. Many marveled at the mere idea that someone could possibly ever come close to averaging a triple-double for a full season. Then Russ did. And did it again multiple times since. So many triple-doubles people are tired of taking about that.

Exactly What The Lakers Needed

With an ever-aging LeBron and a semi-fragile Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook provides a level of consistency and durability that the Lakers desperately needed. One thing that is never in doubt is the fact the Westbrook will show up and give everything he has on a nightly basis. His shooting percentages may not always be the best, but the effort will always be there. And that goes a long way in a quest to win an NBA Championship.

Thankful Farewell to DC

Westbrook has always been a class act, and this move has proved no different. Thanking fans on his way out, as he ventures into the next chapter of his career. One that has included many changes of uniform, but the player himself has remained the same tenacious competitor that the League has known for many years. And now he is home, with his best chance at capturing an NBA Championship and perhaps finally earning the respect he deserves.

IMAGE CREDIT: This work “Russ to Lakers”, is a derivative of “Russell Westbrook on bench” by All-Pro Reels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 and “2013 Los Angeles Lakers 1” by RMTip21 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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