Ben Simmons Cannot Carry a Team, and That Is Not A New Thing

The biggest surprise following the 76ers Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks is how surprised people seem to be that Ben Simmons was nowhere to be found when it mattered most. More specifically, the fact that he was non-existent during the 4th quarter throughout the entire series.

Here We Go Again

Now comes the time for Ben Simmons apologists to explain how his importance and impact on the court goes beyond shooting and scoring. Or his young age gets mentioned, as if the fact that he is only 24 years old means that he will suddenly blossom into everything he’s consistently proven to not be as a player in the NBA.

Remember when Ben Simmons was at LSU at they couldn’t even make the tournament? That was when the excuses first began, and have continued every year following. Let’s not forget this all-time terrible Ben Simmons take from Skip Bayless:

Switching Shooting Hands?

In what seems like a made up rumor, it seems as though Ben Simmons struggled so bad he is considering switching shooting hands. Imagine playing so bad that this actually becomes a serious consideration. Tough times for Ben Simmons.

Perhaps Switching Teams Would Be A Better Switch

It seems clear that Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers on a fast-track for a break-up, but would this magically fix all the known issues? It certainly seems unlikely. Cowherd points to the potential “perfect fit” of Ben Simmons with the Golden State Warriors, a team with plenty of shooting that could allow Simmons to thrive in a Draymond Green-like role.

Lack of Leadership Skills?

While I am not necessarily a huge fan of Draymond Green, this comparison from Cowherd almost seems like an insult. Green’s on court leadership and fearlessness were a vital part of the Dubs Dynasty. It is true that his rebounding as well as his ball movement and passing ability all played a role in helping the team win, but nothing was more important than the attitude and leadership he provided. So I don’t think it is a simple as just putting Simmons in that role and expecting similar results.

Portland Would Be A Better Fit, and The Sports Books Agree

The Portland Trailblazers are the betting favorites to land Ben Simmons via trade according to Action Network, and that seems like a much more logical fit to me.

Honorable Mention: Alarming Lack of Self-Awareness

Given everything we know about Ben Simmons, does it come as any surprise that he would respond in such a way to reporters questioning why his scoring disappears in the playoffs. While he does in fact impact the game in other ways, Simmons seems to lack a true understanding of what is expected of him as a star and max player.

Shaq Claims He Would’ve Knocked Out Ben Simmons If They Were Teammates

Seems a bit over the top, but borderline justified.

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