Milwaukee Bucks Going to First NBA Finals Since 1974, Trae Young And Hawks Will Have To Try Again Next Year

In a series that featured injuries to each team’s star player, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to eliminate the Atlanta Hawks and move on to the NBA Finals. Now the question becomes if and/or when Giannis will be available to play. Can the Bucks win it all without Giannis?

Will Giannis Be Able To Play In NBA Finals?

This is difficult to determine with any certainty at this point, though one could assume that if at all possible Giannis will do anything and everything he can to give it a go at some point. Could be a situation in which he sits the first game or maybe even two in an attempt to further heal his hyperextended knee, which was initially injured less than a week ago.

As with most situations similar to this, I would assume that the Bucks’ early success in the series will go a long way in determining how quickly we see Giannis. For example, if the Bucks are able to win Game 1 without Giannis, then he should be less likely to press it and rush back.

Or perhaps Giannis will aim for a Game 3 return regardless of the outcomes of Game 1 and Game 2. In theory those are games Phoenix is “supposed” to win anyway. It will be interesting to see the strategy the Bucks decide to go with in terms of maximizing Giannis’ ability to impact the series.

Middleton and Holiday Were Huge in Game 6

Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals showcased impressive performances for both Middleton and Holiday.

32 points | 7 assists | 4 rebounds | 3 steals

27 points | 9 assists | 9 rebounds | 4 steals

Brooke Lopez Plus Minus +25 in Game 6?

That’s right, you read that correctly. In Game 6 Brooke Lopez had an overall plus minus of +25 while on the court. In contrast, the box score reflects a rather average performance from Lopez, who scored 13 points with 6 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. However his presence was evident both when you watched the game, as well as when reviewing the eye-catching +25.

Do The Bucks Even Need Giannis To Win NBA Finals?

As is common in sports media, there are already whispers and mentions of how good the Bucks offense seemed to flow minus Giannis. Some even going as far as questioning whether the Bucks may actually be better without their star, as it opens up the paint and creates offensive opportunities that are available far less often when Giannis is healthy. These folks are a special kind of stupid.

First of all, assuming a team is potentially better without the best player is ludicrous enough. But to then also make this leap based off a one or two game sample size. Classic Skip Bayless, out here spewing absolute nonsense in order to get a reaction and generate views. Facts are facts, Giannis is elite and the Bucks are much better with him than without him.

Trae Young Unable to Overcome Injury

What an incredible NBA Playoffs run it has been for Trae Young, and I’m sad to see it come to an end. Going into the playoffs I had little to no expectations for the Atlanta Hawks. First assumed the Knicks would beat them, and then was certain there was no way the 76ers wouldn’t get by them. But through it all, Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks just kept balling and kept moving on.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that Trae Young was injured by inadvertently stepping on an officials foot the way he did, but he and his team deserve props for an impressive playoff run. One which showed a lot of promise for the Hawks future, with Trae Young establishing himself as a legitimate leader and star in the league.

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