Will Joe Burrow Be Healthy By Bengals Season Opener?

With NFL training camps officially commencing, the Cincinnati Bengals have a bit of a concerning question mark surrounding their star QB. Joe Burrow is set to undergo an appendectomy, which typically requires multiple weeks of recovery.

Sooner the Better

While an official surgery date is not yet known, it’s likely to happen very soon. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine appendicitis comes with the serious risk that the appendix may burst or rupture as soon as 48-72 hours after first experiencing symptoms.

Open or Laparoscopic?

There are two surgery methods typically used to remove one’s appendix, and whichever one is required for Burrow will go a long way in determining an expected recovery timeline.

An open surgery is a bit more invasive and comes with a longer recovery process. Laparoscopic would be the preferred method, though depending on the situation an open surgery may be required. So again, the sooner the better for Burrow.

Typical Recovery Process

Every human differs when it comes to how the body recovers from surgery. The typical recovery timeline is approximately two to four weeks for most. As mentioned, the method of removal will impact the necessary recovery time.

Get Well Soon Joe!

In the end, let’s just hope everything goes smoothly and Burrow is able to bounce back better than ever!

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