Temperatures are rising across this great nation as summer officially sets in. In addition to the heat, the pressure and expectations to win a title are bearing down. We are guaranteed to crown 2 champions this week while two other chases get tighter. In addition to those exciting events, Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day. Most of us found love for sports because of our father’s, so give them a call and watch a game with them.


Some teams are participating in OTA’s and Mini-Camps this week. The Browns decision to trade for Watson is going from bad to worse as more women come forward.


The NBA Finals are tied at 2 games a piece. Steph Curry is getting better with every game and determined to capture another trophy.

  • GAME 5 Boston at Golden State Monday, June 13th
  • GAME 6 Golden State at Boston Thursday, June 16th
  • GAME 7 (If Needed) Boston at Golden State Sunday, June 19th


The Colorado Avalanche have finally returned to the Stanley Cup Finals after a significant draught. Their opponent is the 2 Time Defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning (Go Bolts!!!). The Av’s are well rested after their sweep of the Edmonton Oilers. The Bolts will get 3 days of rest before the puck is dropped in Denver. Be on the lookout for a full Stanley Cup Finals Preview on Spinnable Sports from our Hockey contributor and noted Avalanche homer Chris Dittmer. As a well documented Tampa Bay Lightning homer, if I do not agree with his assessment, i will write my own.

  • GAME 1 Tampa Bay Lightning at Colorado Avalanche Wednesday, June 15th 8pm EST ABC
  • GAME 2 Tampa Bay Lightning at Colorado Avalanche Saturday, June 18th 8pm EST ABC


June has seen teams go streaking, some in the good direction and others are collecting L’s like they are trading cards.

  • Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners (Monday thru Wednesday)
  • Los Angeles Angels at Los Angeles Dodgers (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Milwaukee Brewers at New York Mets (Tuesday thru Thursday)
  • Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners (Thursday thru Sunday)
  • New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays ( Friday thru Sunday)
  • St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox (Friday thru Sunday)

Don’t forget to voice your opinion and vote your favorite players to the All Star Game.


Summer tournament matches continue this week for UEFA and CONCACAF regions. There are also MLS matches sprinkled in for the weekend.

  • Denmark vs Austria (UEFA Nations League) Monday, June 13th
  • Honduras vs Canada (CONCACAF Nations League) Monday, June 13th
  • El Salvador vs USMNT (CONCACAF Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th 10pm EST FS1
  • Germany vs Italy (UEFA Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th
  • Poland vs Belgium (UEFA Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th
  • England vs Hungary (UEFA Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th
  • Netherlands vs Wales (UEFA Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th
  • Jamaica vs Mexico (CONCACAF Nations League) Tuesday, June 14th
  • New England vs Orlando City (MLS) Wednesday, June 15th 7:30pm
  • Seattle vs LAFC (MLS) Saturday, June 18th 3pm EST ABC
  • LA Galaxy vs Portland (MLS) Saturday, June 18th 5pm EST ESPN
  • Philadelphia vs Cincinnati (MLS) Saturday, June 18th 7:30pm EST
  • Atlanta vs Miami (MLS) Sunday, June 19th 3pm EST ESPN2
  • NYCFC vs Colorado (MLS) Sunday, June 19th 5pm EST


As is tradition, Father’s Day Weekend is home to the third Major of the year. The 122nd US Open will be played at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. It will have a weird feel with the the controversy of golfers participating in LIV Golf and being suspended from the PGA Tour. This tournament is run by the USGA and not the PGA, so the golfers who went to the LIV are allowed in the field.


The journey to Omaha is full of chaos, home runs, pitching changes and wild rallies. The regular season is tough enough. Having to navigate a 4 team regional and then escape a 3 game series in the Super Regional takes the full roster and some luck. Sometimes, like in all sports, the best regular season doesn’t guarantee a thing. The Tennessee Vols were dominate all year and saw their return to Omaha get canceled courtesy of the Fighting Irish.

The Field of 8 CWS Teams are:

  • Texas A&M (7th Trip)
  • Notre Dame (3rd Trip)
  • Oklahoma (11th Trip)
  • Ole Miss (6th Trip)
  • Arkansas (11th Trip)
  • Texas (38th Trip)
  • TBD (see below)
  • TBD (see below)

2 Tickets still need to be punched on Monday, June 13th

  • Auburn vs Oregon State: Winner take All Game 3
  • UCONN vs Stanford: Winner take All Game 3

All the action starts on Friday, June 17th at 2pm EST from Omaha. You can catch all the action on ESPN/ ESPN2.


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