NHL PLAYOFFS 2022 – Buckle Up

Another fun night in the NHL playoffs, nothing like it.

Oilers vs Kings

Mike Smith? Wild card…never know what you’re gonna get, Oilers fans nerves have to be shot already. Which version comes out for game 3?? On the offensive side it looks like the gamble on Evander Kane is paying off. Will LA ever score on the PP versus Edmonton?

Canes vs Bruins

Brad Marchand? Honestly probably needs mental help…can’t be slashing goalies all willy nilly! Although not a fan of the non response by Carolina at the time, where’s the goalie protection?

Wild vs Blues

Kirill the Thrill – WOW! What else can you say? One of the most dynamic players in the league that’s not a household name that should be. Eriksson Ek almost notched a hatty save for an offside review, but his second was a silky smooth toe drag goal. Between the false alarm and actual hat trick by Kaprizov nobody left with any headwear after that contest. Will the real Blues team please stand up?


Resilient veteran goaltending – Nothing like proud goalies getting worked in one game with STRONG responses in the next tilt. I think Patrick Roy perfected this originally. Vasy, Smith, Fleury…impressive! Will it last? My $$ would be on Vasy of the three…

Leafs vs Bolts

Wayne Simmonds- Ouch…bad night for Wayne. Two penalties, one extremely undisciplined, that leads to TWO PPG’s for the Bolts. This series features high intrigue as recent success battles painful playoff futility. Wide open series where Matthews and Campbell have pressure squarely back on their shoulders.

Tonight’s Action

On tap tonight will the Avs continue rolling? Nashville HAS to start Ingram in goal. Will the Panthers and Stars bounce back versus Washington and Calgary? Will the Rangers solve 3rd stringer Domingue and how much lactic acid can Shesterkin survive after his opening game eye popping 79 save effort?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait…

Written by Chris Dittmer

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