Jordan Poole appears to be both a dirty player, and a liar

Despite claiming he is “not even that type of player” the video evidence seems to say something else. The intent to injure seems incredibly obvious in the relay.

For Jordan Poole to literally watch the video replay during the press conference and immediately respond with “it’s a basketball play” downplaying the notion of ill intent is both laughable and alarming. In all of the years basketball has existed, I’m not sure a play such as this has ever previously occurred.

Not only does Poole grab and pull on Morant’s knee, but he also simultaneously pushed his hip in the opposite direction. So, if he was truly just going for the ball on a basketball play, why the shove on the hip? And why was it at the exact moment he grabbed his knee?

In addition to that, Poole was clearly looking directly at Morant’s knee when he pulled it. Too much evidence is pointing to the fact that this is in fact a dirty play by someone I would now consider to be a total scumbag. There’s no place for nonsense like this, especially in the playoffs.

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