Giannis Continues To Show He’s Anything But Human

Just weeks after what appeared to be a terrible knee injury that had people seriously questioning if he’d be able to even try to play, Giannis goes out and drops 40+ points for the second straight game in the NBA Finals.

A Lot Can Change In A Short Amount of Time

This tweets sums it up pretty well:

Bucks Get Much Needed Win in Game 3

Despite his greatness in Game 2, the Bucks were unable to come out victorious. Giannis showed up HUGE yet again and the Bucks were able to capture the win in Game 3. They’ll now be hoping to hold home court and head back to Phoenix with the series tied 2-2.

What If It’s Not Enough?

Giannis is playing at a championship level, there’s no question about that. But what if it’s still not enough? The Bucks have been favorites to win the East for the last few years, and have finally reached the NBA Finals. The next few games will go a long way in determining what the future of the Milwaukee Bucks looks like.

Salary Cap Struggles Ahead

Many could argue different potential ways Milwaukee could have done better in building the team around Giannis, but there’s little doubt that they have gone “all in” regarding trying to win a title.

That being said, the team will be limited in what they can do to improve the roster moving forward. With the organization already well over the salary cap and into the NBA Luxury Tax, combined with the roster limitations that result from such financial restrictions, the situation may end up forcing Giannis to consider relocating if he wants to continue competing for championships.

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