Sorry Conor, you took the L

With all the hype going into UFC 264 and battle between McGregor and Poirier, the outcome was pretty decisive. Dustin Poirier defeated McGregor by TKO by doctor stoppage, but after watching the first round anyone with eyes could see that McGregor was being taken to school.

This fight was almost over the minute Poirier took McGregor to the ground. Striking multiple shots to the head of McGregor. As the first round ended, McGregor threw a punch and hit the mat. Screaming for a doctor, his leg was done. This is honestly lucky for Conor because he now has an excuse for the loss. If this match went longer, we could be talking about the most dominating performance in a while by Poirier.

Poirier deserved the victory and the title shot that follows. Conor will go back to Ireland, heal his broken leg and hopefully learn from this. It’s time for him to make a choice. Either commit full time for UFC or focus on boxing. Because if he doesn’t, the break might not be as lucky next time.

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