Portugal Exits EURO 2020 Thanks to Hazard

Sad day for soccer fans as Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal have been eliminated from EURO 2020 thanks to Hazard. Thorgan Hazard scores the only goal between Belgium and Portugal, making this the first time in 9 EURO final tournament matches in which Portugal has failed to score.

Likely the Last EURO Tournament for Ronaldo

Given the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will be 40 years old by the time of the next EURO tournament takes place, this was very likely the last time he will ever play in the EURO tournament.

The Armband Drama is Real, and Ridiculous

Following the loss to Belgium, some fans are upset by the fact that Ronaldo ripped off and threw down his Portugal Captain’s armband as the final whistle blew to make the loss official. This will likely cause many overreactions in the media regarding the potential reasoning for the action, and all of which will ignore the simplest and likely most obvious answer: HE WAS MAD THEY LOST!

The Messi vs Ronaldo Rivalry is Heated

The soccer world seems split on who is the real “GOAT”, Messi or Ronaldo.

The Internet Never Misses an Opportunity

Anytime a well-known superstar faces a tough loss, critics are quick to pounce on the opportunity to “kick” the star athlete while they are down and today is no different. However, rather than promote the true haters lets instead focus on the more humorous hate.

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