Are the Lakers Fading Fast or Built to Last?

With the NBA season coming to an end, a new rule for 2021 has the league on the verge of a massive matchup for the Western Conference play-in game: Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers.

While this would indeed be a dream matchup for many, the outcome could carry some serious consequences if it turns out a certain way. Like it or not, the Lakers and LeBron James move the needle when it comes to ratings and rightfully so. Steph Curry has a similar ratings impact, though it seems likely a HEALTHY Lakers team is far more likely to make a deep playoff run than the Warriors.

What Happens If the Lakers Lose the Play In Game?

Assuming that the Lakers finish the season as either the 7 or 8 seed, not all hope will be lost should they lose the first play in game. This is because the way the new NBA play in works, as the loser of the 7vs8 game gets a chance to play the winner of the 9vs10 matchup. In other words, the Lakers would have to lose twice before being eliminated.

“Whoever Came Up With That $hit Needs to Be Fired”

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