The ACC….no more?

The landscape of the world is changing faster than ever – and it will continue to pick up speed at every turn.  In that vein we also see the changes in NCAA athletics, especially NCAA football, making radical changes and lightning speed.

This is strictly a prediction – an opinion of sorts – that is somewhat farfetched, but certainly within the realm of possibility -more-so than most would expect, I suspect.

What am I talking about?  The possibility of the ACC ceasing to exist and it being absorbed into a mix of the Big 4 conferences. In summer of 2022, many of us heard whispers about the ACC possibly falling apart – but it was premature at that point. The attrition of the changes to the NCAA will grind harder on the ACC and weaken it to the extent that it is vulnerable to collapse.  This would not be an overnight occurrence in my view, but rather a battle of attrition – trench warfare, not Shock and Awe.  

We will see more and more of articles like this – as time goes by….

The ACC will lose power and its contractual hold on teams will lose its luster and strength.  If one team – say FSU after the widely known comments made about the ACC – were to attempt to break its contract and / or deviate – the ACC would likely be able to handle it.  But it all teams acted together, challenging the agreement, seeking ways out by way of buyout or legal attack – the ACC would not be able to withstand the storm.  The ship is sinking and the ability to fight back and stay afloat is contingent upon the ACC being able to hold up its end of the bargain.  

Standby for more radical shifts in NCAA athletics. What is an ACC schedule without FSU and Clemson in the conference play lineup? It isn’t what was bargained for, and that opens the door to absolute collapse. So whether it is by mutiny of all teams, or the flight of 1 or 2 staples – the conference will not withstand the storm.

In the most simple of terms – imagine FSU leaves. The other ACC teams are not getting conference play they bargained for; in other words – imagine you contracted to get a high five from both hands with your favorite player. But then, that player loses an arm. Well, he can’t give you two high fives anymore – so where does that leave the agreement? It leaves it open to madness. It’s far far more complicated than that – but that’s one Jenga piece in this tower that’s coming down.

This will happen in the near future in my opinion.  The speed of collapse is too great and there is too little that can be done to stop it.  More and more we will see these reports –

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