First off, congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on their 2022 NBA Title. They were on top of the game, were stricken with major injuries and then fought their way back to the top. We could see another champion crowned this week as the Stanley Cup Finals moves forward. This upcoming week will be baseball heavy with the College World Series in full swing in addition to the MLB schedule. As we get closer to closing the door on June, the football talking season is heating up in preparation for NFL Training Camps and college football media days in July.


Almost no activity this week now that most mini-camps have concluded. Keep on eye on the Browns as the Watson and Mayfield situations continue to unfold. In regards to the college game, summer workouts and conditioning are underway all across the nation. That won’t stop The Irrational Confidence Podcast ( @IRConfidencePod) from getting you ready for the season though. We have our Early Pre-Season Top 25 episodes being released all during July in increments of 5 teams at a time. Subscribe on any podcast platform and also subscribe to the Spinnable Sports YouTube Channel.


  • Colorado Avalanche at Tampa Bay Lightning (GAME 3) Monday, June 20th 8pm ABC
  • Colorado Avalanche at Tampa Bay Lightning ( GAME 4) Wednesday, June 22nd 8pm ABC
  • Tampa Bay Lightning at Colorado Avalanche (GAME 5 – If Needed) Friday, June 24th 8pm ABC
  • Colorado Avalanche at Tampa Bay Lightning (GAME 6 – If Needed) Sunday, June 26th 8pm ABC


  • San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves (Monday – Thursday)
  • St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers (Monday – Thursday)
  • Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox (Monday – Wednesday)
  • New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays (Monday – Wednesday )
  • New York Mets at Houston Astros ( Tuesday – Wednesday)
  • Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres (Thursday – Sunday)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves (Friday – Sunday)
  • Houston Astros at New York Yankees (Friday – Sunday)

We are inching closer to the All Star Break and soon after that, the Trade Deadline will arrive.


As Monday, June 20th commences, one of the 8 teams will already have been eliminated, or as we like to call it; 0 n 2 and Barbecue.

  • Game 7: Game 3 loser vs Game 4 loser (Elimination Game) – Monday, June 20th 2pm ESPN
  • Tuesday, June 21st: 2 Games
  • Wednesday, June 22nd: 2 Games
  • Thursday, June 23rd: 2 Games (If Needed)
  • World Series Best of 3 Championship Series:
  • — Game 1 Saturday, June 25th at 7pm
  • —Game 2 Sunday, June 26th at 3pm

Have a great last full week of June and last month without any true football activity. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow The Irrational Confidence Podcast (@IRConfidencePod), we just passed 10,000 Twitter followers. We have our Preseason College Football Top 25 episodes coming, followed by more predictions and football previews.


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