Caris LeVert to Cleveland Cavaliers Finally Goes From Rumor to Reality

It is a move that has been discussed and speculated about for weeks, and now it has become official. The Cavs pull the trigger on a trade that sets them up perfectly for a playoff run. Is adding LeVert enough to propel the team to the Eastern Conference Finals, or beyond?

Filling The Team’s Biggest Need

By adding Caris LeVert, the Cleveland Cavaliers managed to solve one of their biggest deficiencies. The team is currently ranked 29th in the league when it comes to driving to the basket following injuries to Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio, but LeVert should provide an immediate positive impact in this area.

LeVert is averaging 18.7 points per game so far this season, while averaging 9.6 points in the paint. His ability to get to the basket and score will be a much welcomed addition.

NBA Playoffs Are More Physical

Every year it happens, and yet every year people somehow still seem surprised or unprepared. NBA basketball changes during the playoffs, with a physical style of play typically being more acceptable than it would otherwise be during the regular season. This adjustment in how the game is being officiated tends to favor the defensive side of the ball, as defenders are able to get away with a bit more contact allowing them to better disrupt their opponents attempts to score.

Shot Creators Shine in the Playoffs

With the style of playing favoring the defense, this is when being able to create your own shot matters most. By adding LeVert to the rotation, the Cavs now have another scoring option for when games get tight and the team needs a bucket.

Is A Deep Playoff Run Realistic?

I suppose this would depend on what I mean by “deep” playoff run, which in this case I will you the Eastern Conference Finals as the measure. And yes, I do believe that reaching the Eastern Conference Finals is a realistic expectation for this Cleveland Cavaliers team.

The team has outperformed any and all preseason expectations, and it is great to see that management recognizes that this core group of young talent has something special going right now.

That’s what makes this trade even better in my opinion. Rather than doing anything major or potentially disruptive to what has been working all season, Kolby Altman instead added the perfect complimentary piece to the puzzle.

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