Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens

These two AFC North rivals are scheduled to do battle in prime time as the game will be featured on Sunday Night Football. The Ravens look to remain atop the division, while the Browns are doing the best to get themselves out of the basement.

Offense vs Defense0.910.79CLE
QB Comparison-0.350.35BAL
RB Comparison0.68-0.68CLE
O-Line vs D-Line RUN1.05-0.09CLE
O-Line vs D-Line PASS-0.86-2.55CLE
WR vs Pass Defense0.02-0.20CLE
TE vs Pass Defense0.99-0.27CLE
Special Teams-1.341.34BAL
CLE wins by 2.41.10-1.30CLE

QB Comparison

Not many would question or argue the fact that Lamar Jackson has outplayed Baker Mayfield this season. The former MVP has played well, though not much better than league average when considering QBR. Jackson ranks 13th in QBR, while Baker Mayfield currently sits at 27th overall.

RB Comparison

The Browns have one of, if not the best backfield combinations in the league between Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, who has been designated to return from IR and is expected to play Sunday. Even without Hunt, Chubb alone is enough to give Cleveland the edge in this comparison. The Ravens backfield has been decimated by injury since the start of the season, with multiple runnings backs going on season ending IR.

O-Line vs D-Line


Sunday Night Football will feature strength against strength when it comes to the run game. The Cleveland Browns have the NFL’s top ranked offensive line when it comes to running the ball, and the Baltimore Ravens have the league’s top ranked defensive line in terms of stopping the run. Whichever team is able to gain an advantage here is likely to win the game.

On the flip side, Baltimore has the 27th ranked offensive line when it comes to run blocking this season. Cleveland’s D-Line ranks 8th in the league at stopping the run, so the Browns should have a noticeable advantage when it comes to slowing down the Ravens run game.


Despite being the top ranked running offensive line, in terms of pass protection rankings the Browns are on the opposite end of the spectrum sitting at 29th overall. Lucky for them the Ravens defensive line only generates a pas rush that is ranked at 24th overall in the NFL. With Mayfield battling through multiple injuries, it will be important for the Browns offensive line to win this battle on Sunday.

Baltimore’s offensive line ranks 30th overall in pass protection. This gives the Browns a huge advantage as Cleveland comes into this game with the NFL’s 5th best pass rush featuring NFL sack leader Myles Garrett.

Receivers vs Pass Defense

The Browns should look to leverage their TEs Hooper and Njoku because Baltimore’s pass defense struggles to slow down opposing tight ends. The Ravens pass game will likely struggle as Cleveland’s secondary continues to get healthy, and when healthy the Browns pass defense is superior the Baltimore’s pass game.

Special Teams Comparison

This is an area of football that is overlooked and underestimated far too often. Success on special teams can have a severe impact on the overall outcome of a game. That being said, Baltimore has a distinct advantage when it comes to special teams, as they benefit from having arguably the best kicker in the NFL in Justin Tucker.

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