Monday Night Football Needs the Mannings

Last night marked the first Monday Night Football on ESPN that did not coincide with the Manning brothers doing their own broadcast on ESPN2. And it immediately proved that Monday Night Football needs the Mannings.

No Offense to Regular Crew

Inevitably saying that Monday Night Football needs the Mannings will come off sounding like a slight towards the regular broadcast crew on ESPN, however that is not my intent.

I love Louis Riddick, and am honestly surprised that he finds himself in the broadcast booth rather than in a front office helping a team get better. Perhaps the perceived failure of Mike Mayock has raised a bit of caution amongst owners when it comes to hiring tv personalities to prominent roles.

Also a fan of Steve Levy, who has been an ESPN staple since I can remember. He’s been associated with so many great sports moments that it makes sense for him to be involved.

To be honest, the overall broadcast team is a solid one. They are consistent and provide a lot of great detail and insight through the game, resulting in a very solid traditional football broadcast.

#ManningCast is Just Different

All that being said, the show the Manning brothers put on is anything but a traditional football broadcast. It breaks all the traditional rules. They’re often talking over the plays, and having conversations with guests during the actual gameplay.

And it totally works because the conversations and commentary happening between Peyton & Ei is typically far more entertaining than the actual play on the field. Unless your favorite team is playing in the game, the #ManningCast is the best way to watch.

Not The Same Without Them

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