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Urban Meyer Seems Out of Touch With Reality as He Sticks To Stupid Coaching Plan

The National Football League is a an absolute powerhouse when it comes to entertainment. That being said, there are still some less than entertaining things that occur regularly, such as fake QB competition and meaningless commentary between the coaches and the media.

Fake QB Competition

Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick in the most recent NFL draft. Literally anyone with even the slightest bit of NFL knowledge was immediately aware that he would be the day one starter for the Jaguars. Despite how glaringly obvious this fact was, Urban Meyer still felt the need to let the world know that there would be a “competition” between Lawrence and Gardner Minshew for the starting position.

August 12th:

This day marked one month until the Jaguars season opener against the Houston Texans, and Meyer was still claiming to be undetermined regarding who would start. He answered with a simple “yes” when asked if there was really still an active competition happening between Lawrence and Minshew, as the two continued to alternate days with the first team offense.

August 20th:

Meyer was not shy with his response regarding whether or not first overall pick Trevor Lawrence had earned the starting job yet:

“That hasn’t happened yet. As soon as that happens, then we’ll give him the ‘one’ reps – all ‘one’ reps.”

When asked if he has a certain timeline in mind as to when a starter will be chosen, Meyer responded:

“I do in my own mind, but once again, it’s conversation that the three people are having daily”

August 23rd:

While speaking with Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, Meyer mentioned his lack of Minshew knowledge prior to becoming coach of the Jaguars. Meyer had the following to say regarding his impressions of Minshew:

“He’s a much different player than Trevor. Trevor’s a down-the-field passer, this guy’s a scramble-around, make-plays guy, but I’ll tell you what he really is, he’s a warrior. And I appreciate warriors. It’s a street fight right now.”

August 26th

“We wanted him to earn it, as we do with every position,” Meyer said. “We felt he has, after [Monday] night’s performance was — it was good, obviously not great.”

Earned It, Based on Monday’s Performance?

That seems almost as laughable as implying there was ever a competition happening in the first place. The first team offense started the game against the Saints by picking up a total of one first down on their first four drives of the game. Apparently going 3 & out on three of the first four drives is good enough to win the starting job. Or perhaps it was the next two offensive drives that combined for 23 plays which only netted 3 points following a missed field goal to end one of those drives. So all in all, not a great day at the office, but apparently good enough to seal a fake competition. 🙄

Already Reports Players Are Not Pleased With College-Like Atmosphere


So in the end, what was the point? Just the fact that Meyer willingly decided to blindly proceed with such a poorly constructed plan makes have far less confidence in his ability to succeed at the pro level. EVERYONE knew Trevor Lawrence was going to be the starter. So why the facade? Who benefits from such foolishness?

How about the fact that Trevor Lawrence only got approximately half the total reps that he could have with the first team throughout training camp and preseason? Not a great strategy in my opinion. Players seems to seek authenticity above all else, so this clearly does nothing to help Meyer in that regard.


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