Random Quotes from Around the League

I’m a huge fan of hearing what players have to say, but sometimes it is so off-base it’s comical. Take a moment to appreciate some of this weeks most ridiculous quotes from around the league.

Andy Dalton

I found this one to be the most interesting purely based on how incredibly misinformed it seems to be. I’m not sure what world Andy Dalton is living in, but the Bears are anything but his team. If the coaches or organization told him otherwise, they lied.

It may have been ‘his team’ prior to the draft when the Bears were presented with an opportunity to get Fields when no one expected him to be available as late as he was. The moment the Bears traded up and drafted Fields, it was no longer Dalton’s team. From starter to stop-gap in an in instant, but that’s life in the NFL.

Hunter Renfrow

I’m not sure how I feel about this in the sense that we’re talking about practice. Whether Ramsey was giving it his all or not is debatable, but I find it to be very convenient that these two will not face off during the regular season. If they were scheduled to do so, I’m not sure Hunter Renfrow makes the comments. At least I would advise him not to, given the opportunity. All in all, Jalen Ramsay does not appear to be sweating it:

Ramsey, a known trash-talker, does not seem interested in engaging this conversation as he notes that people should know better than to believe such nonsense.

Myles Garrett

Unlike the other quotes mentioned, this one is 100% accurate . As entertaining as it would be to see it happen, I’d much prefer Myles keep dominating offensive linemen on his way to sacking the quarterback as often as humanly possible.

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