Cleveland Baseball has a new name: The Guardians

After over a year of planning and debate, the team that was known as the Cleveland Indians announced Friday morning via Twitter that the new team name will be The Guardians.

The name change has been coming for quite some time and has made every fan have an opinion on the matter. Change is tough for any fan base, but naming a baseball after the icon guardian statues is a good call. Cleveland really only had a few real avenues that they could go with renaming the team. They could name it something nautical with the lake, relating it to the history of rock and roll in Cleveland, or the iconic statues. I never thought the Spiders were a realistic choice. With everything being considered, the Guardians were the best choice if they have to change from the Indians. The Indians team name will alway be part of the team’s history, but now the Guardians will be the future.

IMAGE CREDIT: “Cleveland Indians” by On Location in Los Angeles is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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