Jaguars Reportedly Signing Tim Tebow to 1 Year Deal

It would appear as though the Jacksonville Jaguars have seen enough of Tim Tebow during workouts to offer him a contract to play a position he’s never played before. Interesting, and hardly newsworthy other than the fact that it involves Tebow. How long until that becomes a problem?

Trevor Lawrence was just drafted 1st overall in the NFL Draft, and immediately became the face and future of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. New head coach Urban Meyer is determined to prove he can compete at the professional level, and has a prime QB prospect in Lawrence to build around.

Perhaps Meyer should stay focused on that as opposed to reaching back to his past and becoming infatuated with a Tebow experiment at tight end. I’m sure Tebow will be a great teammate and locker room guy and what not, but it wasn’t that long ago that teams decided to pass on Tebow as a backup simply to avoid the media circus that surrounds him.

With the Jaguars this circus could be magnified due to the fact that Tebow is a local hero and grew up in the area. How long will Lawrence be alright with Tebow stealing his shine? Whether intentional or not, it’s going to happen. Tebow is a media dream, and local coverage will be salivating at the chance to talk to him whenever they can.

This could cause friction and tension amongst teammates as it’s likely that the media coverage Tebow receives will far out weight any on field contributions. So how long until that becomes a problem? How long until Trevor Lawrence lets it be known that this is his team and his town, and Tebow is just a another prospect fighting for a roster spot at tight end.

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