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All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Irrational Confidence Podcast. This is our take on sports. The right take & the most important take there is out there. We’re going to be talking College football this week as we are getting closer and closer to the new college football season. This is a new adventure and we’re calling it the Irrational Confidence Podcast because just like anybody who has an opinion about sports, we’re confident in our opinions and we’re going to stick with them.

Highlights From This Episode

NIL: First Thoughts

College athletes can finally make money off of their own name, their own image and their likeness. What were your initial thoughts?


“Well, I think the first thing that I thought of is we’re going to get NCAA football as a video game back again. I mean, when that went away, that was a complete gut punch to tons of us, thousands of us and see who’s on the cover, how that’s going to be just having the players names and numbers in the video game itself is going to be an amazing thing. I think that’s the thing that first and foremost hit me and I think had a lot of the people across the country in the world, really.”

Arizona State and UCF

Could these unexpected schools ultimately stand out in terms of those that benefit most from the impact of the recent NIL rule changes?


“Look at the number of alumni that those two university have, the two biggest universities in the entire country. The more alumni you have, the more possibilities you having someone involved in this business or that business. So I’ll throw some money at these student athletes to come play at this university or what have you.”

Trend To Keep An Eye On

In the seven years of the College Football Playoff, the national champion has come from the AP top six in a preseason poll. So odds are the future champion can likely be found in this years preseason AP top 6.

#1: ALABAMA: Can They Keep Up The Pace?


“Is there any doubt that Saban is the best football coach in college football right now?”


“They keep interchanging offensive coordinator and it really is, I think, the same philosophy of: It’s Nick Saban’s general model of this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to dictate and we’re going to put the athletes in space to win and we’re going to win any way we possibly can.”

#2: Oklahoma: Are They A Powerhouse?


“Spencer Rattler got his feet wet last year. Kind of fits that Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray role. They obviously recruit really, really well. They’re a powerhouse.”


“Oklahoma has yet to win a game when making it to the College Football Playoffs. Who have they actually beaten? Are they the Clemson of the Midwest and the West, where Clemson has a brings in tons of athletes they beat up on a marginally to subpar overall conference?

#3: Clemson: Dabo Has A Dumb Face?


I don’t know if it’s Dabo Swinney and I really just can’t stand his stupid face. Or if it’s the fact that you put your chest out like you’re this amazing powerhouse program. Like great, you made the College Football Playoff by rolling through a weak ACC. Trevor Lawrence was a fantastic quarterback, but you’re not a good program.



The coastal division has had seven different teams play in that title game. Every single team in that league has played in that title game. That’s Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Virginia. The list goes on. There’s no consistency. They all arrive with two losses. They’re all beat up when they get there.And then they get smoked by Clemson the last five years and for, say, the previous three years from there.

#4: Ohio State: Hap’s Favorite Team


“I’m digging Ohio State at #4 and I think that this is like the proper thing. I really do like this Ohio State team. Definitely got the best receivers in the country. A lot of the running backs, I think there’s four running backs at Ohio State that could definitely start at any university in the entire country. But at this point, the question comes back to who’s going to replace Justin Fields.”


Ryan Day extremely impressed me, like I think we all probably thought oh Urban’s gone. He’s just the guy filling in for for Urban, you know, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and even I think there was even discussion regarding Luke Fickell being the better option at the time? But Ryan Day has proven it. He has run that program extremely effective. He recruits at the extremely high level, brings in players like you said. I think that they have the best receivers in the country

#5: Georgia: Fresh’s Favorite Team


I think the first question is: If not 2021, when? We’ve been hearing about it for a while.”

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